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It’s time for your ‘Accelerando’ Make your SAFe® implementation flow without interruptions
Orchestrated Business Agility Dirigent

From preparing your first PI through launching the fifth Solution Train to managing multiple lean Portfolios: each maturity level of your SAFe® transformation introduces new factors affecting its tempo. These are rarely obvious, often the result of unconscious patterns or hidden interactions.

Whether you are actively seeking improvement opportunities or feeling kind of ‘lost in transformation’: Uncovering bottlenecks and potential accelerators will help your organization speed up its transformation, boosting energy and motivation, yielding expected business results quicker.

Make your SAFe® implementation flow like a symphony. Our experts are here to help!



To identify and leverage potentials to optimize speed and efficacy of your SAFe® implementation.


Together, we will examine the core competencies of Business Agility in your organization, considering the desired outcomes. This will encompass a comprehensive review of people, processes, tools, and their interconnections. To specify next steps and create a personalized roadmap, we will identify and prioritize improvement options.


1-Day-Workshop with 2 consultants from relevant subject areas chosen for your situation; digital documentation of the results for your reference


5.000 EUR remote
(on-site depending on location)

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