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We are a growing, curated network of providers offering best-of-breed solutions for various challenges in a SAFe® implementation.

With an experienced orchestration, we ensure the effective integration of the success factors of a transformation.

At //seibert, you’ll find a diverse portfolio of software tools designed to support your scaling initiatives. Additionally, our team possesses the expertise to effectively introduce these tools to accelerate your methodological advancement.
Are you managing SAFe® processes within JIRA? As the creators of AGILE HIVE, we are well-equipped to assist you. Furthermore, we offer specialized APPS tailored to specific use cases, ranging from the DEPENDENCY MAPPER to the REPORT BUILDER. For extensive Enterprise Agile Planning, our support extends to JIRA ALIGN. Complementing these capabilities are our offerings in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with GOOGLE CLOUD.
We are committed to accompanying you through every phase of your transformation journey, always facilitating your continued scaling efforts.
Seibert Business Agility
As a SAFe® First Mover in Europe, KEGON offers a comprehensive range of agile services, from training, coaching and consulting to strategy development, all aimed at guiding our customers towards a successful future. 
In our delivery network, our customers have the advantage of receiving all the services necessary for an agile transformation from absolute experts in their fields. It is within this network that we have the opportunity to combine our strength – our broad and deep expertise in agility and the transformation of large organizations – with our partners’ products and services to help our customers achieve BUSINESS AGILITY.
Find our trainings at kegonacademy.com
Kegon Business Agility
Applied SAFe® is an interactive Lean QMS of how to achieve business agility in a regulatory-compliant way. Facilitated by customizable and tailorable descriptions with clearly defined roles, their interaction, and supporting artifacts, it enables a clear and common
understanding for all participants.
With Applied SAFe®, you can approach your transformation towards SAFe® in a structured and deliberate manner and ensure that it is successful and sustainable in the long run. Almost ready-made and
officially approved by Scaled Agile.
Applied SAFe® works for organizations in highly complex, highly compliant, and auditable environments, depending on a defined and common understanding of how to live SAFe® in order to reduce waste and maximize efficiency.
PEDCO Business Agility
At codecentric, we’re not just experts in agile software development, we are experts in digital product delivery as we believe that excellent software can change the world!
Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding that agility is more than a methodology – it’s a mindset.
We don’t just build software, we focus on enabling your team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability based on our 5 levers approach.
Our consultants, 550 skilled professionals across 13 locations in Germany, have been pioneering digital excellence since 2004. As a proud B Corporation, we balance profit with purpose, and we invest in innovation and knowledge sharing.
codecentric Business Agility

CO Improve is an advisory boutique specialised in Agile@Hardware. We support the agile development of complex mechatronic products and the agile transformation of companies in the traditional manufacturing industry. Systems engineering and a complete cross-functional approach are particu- larly important for the agile development of physical products.
Our range of services comprises various modules:

  • We carry out maturity assessments and agile leadership assessments
  • We support our clients in selecting and adapting the appropriate framework configuration and designing hybrid solutions from portfolio to team level
  • We empower teams through training and coach- ing and support companies in their transfor- mation to an agile process and organizational structure
COImprove Business Agility

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